Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

Had an eventful and exhausting weekend. My wife and I try to stay very active and tend to squeeze a lot into our weekends if we can. This one was no different.

Friday night was a relaxing evening at home after an extremely long week of work. We had been looking forward to getting on the boat but around 5 o-clock we found out my sister and her family needed help moving from their current place to their new home an hour away. So rather than hitting the lake Saturday morning, I put on my knee brace (messed up my knee playing soccer) and spent the morning loading the truck. We had a few extra helpers at the old house and headed off to the new one with only 4 guys to help unload. Thankfully, when we arrived, there were a couple church members there to help unload. Then within 10 minutes about 7 or 8 more volunteers showed up. So we were able to unload the truck in less than hour. Good thing too, because I was already tired and we were running late for our Saturday night plans.

We didn't make it on the boat, but we had plans for dinner and the Opry with a couple friends. Even though I grew up in Nashville I have never been to the Opry. Apparently, it was a special night celebrating 20 years of Vince Gill being a member, so the place was packed. We had a blast because we were backstage.  I'm hardly a music fan but my wife absolutely loved it and it was enjoyable for both of to experience something new.