Thursday, February 13, 2014

Physical Update

After turning 29, I set a goal to be in the best shape of my life at the age of 30.  About 4 months from that point, I wanted to post an update.

I was able to complete the P90X workout program for the first time from start to finish. I had started the program a few times before, but always got distracted or off track, so I had never completed it. I was especially happy that I stayed with the program through Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I wasn't perfect, I believe there were 2 or 3 days I missed. And I had to start one week over when I got sick, but I kept going and completed the program.

I felt great and was actually considering a second round. But my wife talked me into trying out Insanity. I thought I was in pretty good shape so I jumped right into it.  WOW. It kicked my butt immediately. P90X was a slow, methodical workout everyday with a mixture of all different types of working out. Insanity is extreme cardio practically everyday. I learned very quickly my cardio shape wasn't as good as I thought.

So now I am in my 4th week of Insanity. It is only a 9 week program. I'm excited that working out / exercising seems to finally be a regular part of my life without just a huge mental challenge everyday.  I plan to complete Insanity and then I'm not sure what will be next. I may repeat one of the program, try a new one, or just use different workouts to stay in shape.

With a new baby coming I don't know exactly how that will change everything, but I'm sure it will make it harder to devote as much time to exercise as I have. So I will have to adjust with that.

We'll see what happens.